Daniel Díaz Casanueva | 18 Aug 19:44 2013

ANN: processing- Graphic web applications with processing.js.

Hello readers of Haskell-Cafe.

Yesterday I uploaded a new version of the processing library [1].

== What is this library for? ==

The library is oriented to create graphic applications that run in a web browser, with no need of running a server. It provides the user with a set of functions and combinators that can be used to create an abstract piece code. This code is rendered to the processing language syntax. Once the code is uploaded, using processing.js [2], the output code is runnable from any browser with JavaScript support. To quickly give you a taste of the library, look at this animation, created with a simple recursive function:

The code is here:

== What's new? ==

After a couple of weeks working hard to have this library properly working, I think it have reached a point of reasonable usability. As a proof, I have written a simplified version of the Pac-Man game [3]. However, although I have implemented some code optimizations, it seems that the game still does not run smoothly in every web browser. I will definitely keep trying to improve the performance of the code generated by the library.

I encourage you to try the library if you are interested, but keep in mind that it is still in an early stage, and may contain bugs, lack some important features, have an incomplete documentation or suffer from API changes.

== References ==

[2] Processing.js - http://processingjs.org
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