Charles Weitzer | 17 Sep 21:03 2013

Opportunity with Machine Learning Startup in Northern California


My name is Charles Weitzer.  I have two friends who have started a
quantitative hedge fund.  One has his PhD in CS from Stanford, while the
other has his PhD in Statistics from Berkeley.  Company has around 12 people
currently. They have made some unpublished discoveries in the field of
Machine Learning and in other areas as well.  

They are looking for an extremely talented software engineer. This position
could be a simple software engineer, but it could also be where you are "The
Man", basically the head of systems development.  These guys are going to be
the next big thing in terms of quantitative strategies and systems.  They
are rebuilding their current system and also designing a new system.  You
could work on either or both.  The title and level of seniority is very
flexible.  As well, given their returns, this is a chance to become
extremely wealthy. 

They are currently managing a very healthy amount of capital.  FYI, I am
retained by them.  They are located in Northern California. Their blurb
below is really is just a starting point in terms of possible initial
responsibility and seniority.  They are flexible for the right person.

Talk soon,

Charles Weitzer

CEO\Senior Recruiter
Charles Weitzer and Associates, Inc.
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