Benny | 26 Sep 04:38 2013

Haskell Job Opportunity (Remote Work)


ShotVibe is an early-stage Israeli startup company in the mobile photo sharing space. We are looking for an experienced or expert level Haskell programmer for backend web related projects. The work will be done by you remotely, using a freelancer model, with the potential for longer term work in the near future (also remote).

One of the projects we have is a server application that queues messages that are to be sent to end user mobile phones, and pushes them through the "push notification" APIs supplied by Google and Apple. The work needed here involves some bug fixes, and some new features. This project will likely eventually be open sourced.

Another project that we need to be written from scratch is a web application that handles photo uploads and processes them (including verifying user authentication with our main web backend, image resizing, and storing images on Amazon S3). This will probably end up only a few hundred lines of Haskell code, but involves integrating a bunch of stuff together.

We are also interested in experimenting in using Haskell for some other areas of our backend where we are currently using Python.

If you are interested you may contact me at: benny <at>

Please feel free to forward this email to any friends or acquaintances that may be interested.
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