Adam Foltzer | 31 Dec 03:58 2013

December 31 deadline for donations

Dear Haskellers,

HaskellWiki, Hackage, Hoogle, and all the other sites we depend on are hosted with funds donated by you, the Haskell community. As many of us are in tax jurisdictions where December 31st is a deadline for charitable giving, I’d like to remind you that donations to support these activities are tax-deductible. You can donate online right now at

Thank you to Jason Dagit and the rest of last year’s Committee for making these donations possible by establishing a partnership with Software in the Public Interest, and thank you to all those who have already donated both money and time to advance our infrastructure and community.

It has been a momentous year for Hackage 2 was launched on a community server, and the HaskellWiki is now available via HTTPS. Let’s keep making progress in 2014!

Thank you and best wishes for a happy new year,
Adam Foltzer
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