Dominic Steinitz | 21 Feb 12:06 2014

Haskell Statistics


I am looking for statistics on usage of Haskell, ghc and the Haskell Platform and their growth. Current
usage would be great but I’d also like usage by year or month. Useful proxies might be number of people
signed up to haskell-cafe and #haskell (also by year or month). The impression I have from the number of
jobs posted recently is that Haskell is experiencing some growth.

I have the redmonk stats: and which shows that
Haskell is maintaining its position.

My google trend analysis shows Haskell roughly matching Scala and both of them somewhat higher than F#. I
admit to being a google trend novice so caveat lector!
I have this using google trends:

Thanks in advance for any help in this.

Dominic Steinitz
dominic <at>