Vagif Verdi | 12 Jun 18:25 2014

Troubles installing EclipseFP

Hi, i'm trying to install eclipsefp.

Ubuntu 14.04, ghc 7.6.3, cabal-install 1.20.

I did it with a fresh .cabal and .ghc folders. Nothing else was installed.

After restarting eclipse it started doenloading and building haskell libs, and stopped with this error:

Cabal==1.16.0/installed-c6e..., SourceGraph => Cabal<1.7)
rejecting: SourceGraph-0.2, 0.1 (conflict: buildwrapper =>
Cabal==1.16.0/installed-c6e..., SourceGraph => Cabal<1.5)
Backjump limit reached (change with --max-backjumps).

Note: when using a sandbox, all packages are required to have consistent
dependencies. Try reinstalling/unregistering the offending packages or
recreating the sandbox.
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