Rico Moorman | 15 Jun 13:21 2012

Installing pandoc / json with ghc 6.12.1


I recently tried to install the latest version of pandoc on my debian
stable box (with ghc 6.12.1) using virthualenv as sandboxing
mechanism. But instead of a normal installation, compilation of the
json package (more specifically the Text.JSON.Parsec module) hangs and
causes ghc to consume around 2GB of RAM (out of 3GB) and the system to
swap and hang.

For reference ... I just created a plain virthualenv (for sandboxing)
and after that ran

(tmp) foo <at> bar:/tmp$ cabal install json

I also tried if this has something to do with version 0.5 (the latest
version) only, to no avail.

Are there other users of pandoc/json or related packages who
encountered/solved this issue? Am I doing something wrong here?

Best regards,

Ben Doyle | 15 Jun 20:37 2012

Re: Installing pandoc / json with ghc 6.12.1

Am I doing something wrong here?

Well, you're using ghc-6.12 ... :-)

The most recent version of pandoc that Hackage claims to have built with ghc 6.12 looks to be 1.6. Rolling back that far eliminates the json dependency entirely, so I think it would solve your issue. Or you could use the Pandoc in Debian stable, which appears to be 1.5.1.

A more recent ghc would probably also work, of course, but I imagine you're trying the Debian stable version for a reason.
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