Daniel Santa Cruz | 12 Apr 05:29 2012

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 222

Welcome to issue 222 of the HWN, an issue covering crowd-sourced bits
of information about Haskell from around the web. This issue covers the
week of April 1 to 7, 2012.

Quotes of the Week

   * tgeeky_: "What I cannot create, I do not understand." -- Richard
     Feynman, on his blackboard when he died in 1988.

   * elliott: ... [a] is more of a control structure than a data

   * Cale: Basically, we've known how to implement first class functions
     efficiently for 20 or 30 years now, and we've known about their
     importance to abstraction in programming since before the advent of
     electronic computers. There's no excuse to still be writing new
     programs in languages without them.

   * edwardk: When someone throws an exception at you, duck.

   * luite: I think it uses levenshtein distance (he invented this
     distance because nobody could spell his name correctly)

   * edwardk: 'hey ghc devs can you fix this thing that might or might
     not be a bug so we can break a huge pile of invariants in your
     compiler to put go faster stripes on something nobody uses? k thx'

Top Reddit Stories

   * Tfoo, my simple Five in a Row game. Online, with server-sent events, 
     deployed to Heroku, open source.
     Domain: tfoo.herokuapp.com, Score: 49, Comments: 18
     On Reddit: [1] http://goo.gl/Klevh
     Original: [2] http://goo.gl/PtjKk

   * Interacting with inner-functions in GHCi [StackOverflow]
     Domain: stackoverflow.com, Score: 48, Comments: 12
     On Reddit: [3] http://goo.gl/23l0G
     Original: [4] http://goo.gl/2H5kI

   * ANN: acme-http. 221,693.0 req/s on the PONG benchmark.
     Domain: groups.google.com, Score: 42, Comments: 4
     On Reddit: [5] http://goo.gl/XROlu
     Original: [6] http://goo.gl/PuOt3

   * Recent haskell-mode changes screencast
     Domain: youtube.com, Score: 39, Comments: 15
     On Reddit: [7] http://goo.gl/JyX0s
     Original: [8] http://goo.gl/VWLIF

   * An Haskell tutorial. What do you think?
     Domain: yannesposito.com, Score: 39, Comments: 47
     On Reddit: [9] http://goo.gl/eLiQT
     Original: [10] http://goo.gl/yBDnQ

   * Galois' Open-Source code available on github
     Domain: corp.galois.com, Score: 38, Comments: 3
     On Reddit: [11] http://goo.gl/xoz4K
     Original: [12] http://goo.gl/OhlaA

   * Wadler’s Law Revisited
     Domain: comonad.com, Score: 27, Comments: 9
     On Reddit: [13] http://goo.gl/8p9As
     Original: [14] http://goo.gl/7iB53

   * With Linux supporting x32 ABI, should GHC follow suit?
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 23, Comments: 6
     On Reddit: [15] http://goo.gl/Nkuob
     Original: [16] http://goo.gl/Nkuob

   * cabal-meta: transcending to dependency heaven
     Domain: yesodweb.com, Score: 22, Comments: 27
     On Reddit: [17] http://goo.gl/nsVhn
     Original: [18] http://goo.gl/U2cDK

   * [Haskell-cafe] A Modest Records Proposal
     Domain: haskell.org, Score: 21, Comments: 7
     On Reddit: [19] http://goo.gl/MvbRq
     Original: [20] http://goo.gl/RgaRU

Top StackOverflow Questions

   * What is the best way to test and interact with inner functions defined 
     inside a toplevel function?
     votes: 44, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [21] http://goo.gl/2H5kI

   * How can a Windows service application be written in Haskell?
     votes: 15, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [22] http://goo.gl/kz8TA

   * What does ':..' mean in Haskell?
     votes: 12, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [23] http://goo.gl/Whi8a

   * Is the whole Map copied when a new binding is inserted?
     votes: 10, answers: 3
     Read on SO: [24] http://goo.gl/OabLu

   * Haskell functions left-to-right
     votes: 10, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [25] http://goo.gl/rhCm3

   * How can I avoid writing boilerplate code for functions performing 
     pattern matching?
     votes: 9, answers: 3
     Read on SO: [26] http://goo.gl/6cvXJ

   * Controlling how test data is generated in QuickCheck
     votes: 8, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [27] http://goo.gl/BNSug

   * Can I get warnings about overly-restrictive type signatures?
     votes: 8, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [28] http://goo.gl/X7PkN

   * Slowdown when using parallel strategies in Haskell
     votes: 8, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [29] http://goo.gl/ghV3C

   * Dealing with boilerplate in Haskell
     votes: 7, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [30] http://goo.gl/Um4Fm

Until next time,
Daniel Santa Cruz


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