Daniel Santa Cruz | 28 Jun 00:33 2012

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 233

Welcome to issue 233 of the HWN, an issue covering crowd-sourced bits
of information about Haskell from around the web. This issue covers the
week of June 17 to 23, 2012.

Quotes of the Week

   * ciaranm: if it's ugly, it's imperative. if it's incomprehensible,
              it's functional.

   * xplat: when life gives you lemons, make lemonads

Top Reddit Stories

   * What are everyone's favorite "aha" moments in learning Haskell?
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 93, Comments: 156
     On Reddit: [1] http://goo.gl/8YSyY
     Original: [2] http://goo.gl/8YSyY

   * Unit testing isn't enough. You need static typing too.
     Domain: evanfarrer.blogspot.ca, Score: 82, Comments: 22
     On Reddit: [3] http://goo.gl/b73gf
     Original: [4] http://goo.gl/JF4ND

   * Snap Framework 0.9 Released
     Domain: snapframework.com, Score: 60, Comments: 7
     On Reddit: [5] http://goo.gl/7fP9D
     Original: [6] http://goo.gl/7SoU6

   * Haskell’s record system is a cruel joke
     Domain: labs.scrive.com, Score: 52, Comments: 100
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