Johan Tibell | 2 Aug 03:42 2012

Haskell Implementors' Workshop 2012: Call for Participation

                        Call for Participation
               ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Implementors' Workshop
               Copenhagen, Denmark, September 14th, 2012
        The workshop will be held in conjunction with ICFP 2012

There are less than nine days left until the early registration expires!

The Haskell Implementors' Workshop is to be held alongside ICFP 2012
this year in Copenhagen, Denmark. There will be no proceedings; it is an
informal gathering of people involved in the design and development of
Haskell implementations, tools, libraries, and supporting

This relatively new workshop reflects the growth of the user community:
there is a clear need for a well-supported tool chain for the
development, distribution, deployment, and configuration of Haskell
software. The aim is for this workshop to give the people involved with
building the infrastructure behind this ecosystem an opportunity to bat
around ideas, share experiences, and ask for feedback from fellow

We intend the workshop to have an informal and interactive feel, with a
flexible timetable and plenty of room for ad-hoc discussion, demos, and
impromptu short talks.

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