Dan Burton | 10 Aug 21:52 2012

ANNOUNCE: basic-prelude

Michael Snoyman and I are pleased to announce basic-prelude,
an enhanced core prelude, meant for building up more complete preludes on top of.


Basic Prelude provides three major things:

* Most of the usual exports from Prelude
    that you have come to know and love
* Additional exports from base that are commonly used,
    e.g. Applicative, Monad, and Arrow stuff
* Access to common non-base data types:
    Text, Vector, ByteString, and various collections

Basic Prelude will serve as the foundation for both
Michael's Classy Prelude and my Modular Prelude,
and we hope that it will be attractive enough to serve
as the foundation for your Prelude replacement as well.
Note that BasicPrelude is not intended for standalone use,
although importing Data.List alongside it should provide
an environment nearly identical to Prelude.

Basic Prelude takes the approach of hooking into existing
data types and typeclasses, so it doesn't fix issues such as
making Functor a superclass of Monad.
Since Basic, Classy, and Modular Preludes are all still
currently highly experimental, feedback is much appreciated.

-- Dan Burton

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