Janne Hellsten | 30 Sep 09:38 2012

ANNOUNCE: sqlite-simple mid-level API to the sqlite database

sqlite-simple provides a convenient API to sqlite that performs
automatic data conversion between the database and Haskell types. The
API has been modeled directly after postgresql-simple which in turn
borrows from mysql-simple.

The library is available on hackage at


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Notable changes since the previous announcement:

- Better thought out module exports - this release makes it possible
to add user-defined FromField instances (see
- sqlite-simple was upgraded to use the latest direct-sqlite 2.2
- As part of the release, the Snap sqlite-simple plugin
snaplet-sqlite-simple was upgraded to the latest sqlite-simple.  See

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Example usage

First create a test database..

sqlite3 test.db "CREATE TABLE test (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, str text);\
  INSERT INTO test (str) VALUES ('test string');"
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