Gershom B | 10 Oct 00:20 2012

ANN: New York Haskell Users Group -- First Meeting on Wed., Nov 14.

The (arguably) greatest city in the U.S. now (finally) has a users
group for (unarguably) the greatest programming language anywhere.
We're very happy to announce the inaugural meeting of the New York
Haskell Users Group. We intend this group to be welcoming to new
developers, but with enough substance to keep old Haskell hands
interested and amused. If you're in the area but can't make it, you
can join the meetup regardless at to
stay informed of future events. We plan to have a mix of talks and
experience reports at all levels, so if you will be passing through
town and might have something to say, let us know!

Two Haskell Talks:
Practical Data Processing With Haskell _and_ Putting Cloud Haskell to Work

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
7:00 PM To 9:00 PM

Pivotal Labs, 841 Broadway New York, NY


We're kicking off the New York Haskell Users Group with two great
talks, one for people just getting started and one for those with some
experience already. Both should be accessible and enjoyable no matter
how much (or little) you already know. Food and refreshments will be
provided, courtesy of the generosity of Pivotal Labs, and after the
talks, we're planning to keep the discussion going over food and drink
at a nearby establishment.

7pm - Practical Data Processing With Haskell:
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