Achim D. Brucker | 17 Oct 09:23 2012

Call for Papers: Only Two Months Left - STVR Special Issue on Tests and Proofs

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        ****   Two months until the deadline for      ***
        ****       submitting a paper to the          ***
        ****  STVR special issue on Tests and Proofs  ***

                          CALL FOR PAPERS 
              STVR Special Issue on Tests and Proofs

The Software Testing, Verification & Reliability (STVR) journal
( invites 
authors to submit papers to a Special Issue on Tests and Proofs.

The increasing use of software and the growing system complexity make
focused software testing a challenging task. Recent years have seen an
increasing industrial and academic interest in the use of static and
dynamic analysis techniques together. Success has been reported
combining different test techniques such as model-based testing,
structural testing, or concolic testing with static techniques such as
program slicing, dependencies analysis, model-checking, abstract
interpretation, predicate abstraction, or verification. This special
issue serves as a platform for researchers and practitioners to
present theory, results, experience and advances in Tests and Proofs

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