Andra Dinu | 20 Nov 13:04 2012

Tech Mesh alternative programming - London

Check out the Tech Mesh alternative programming event- London 4th - 6th December:

Topics include:

·         Haskell: practical as well as cool - Co-inventors of Haskell Simon Peyton Jones, Philip Wadler and John
Hughes will do a joint keynote about three distinctive aspects of Haskell that might make it worth the bother.
·         183 Years of Programming - Co-inventors of Erlang Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding and Mike Williams will
be sharing their experience in a joint keynote
·         The Database as a Value: Rethinking fundamentals of database architecture, in light of the principles
of functional programming - Rich Hickey is the author of the Clojure programming language and designer of
the Datomic database system
·         Implementing Riak in Erlang Benefits and Challenges - The choice of using Erlang has resulted in both
benefits and challenges to the Basho team and Riak community.  Basho Technologies architect Steve
Vinoski will tell you all about the process

Over 50 speakers will be giving talks on Haskell, Erlang, OTP, Scala, Akka, Raspberry Pi, F#, Go, OCaml and
much more. We also have tutorials on Erlang, Scala , Akka and OTP. See the full schedule here:

You can get a ticket for Tech Mesh at a 20% discount. All you need to do is register through our website and
enter the promotion code TECHMESH_FRIEND. Register here:


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