Johannes Waldmann | 7 Dec 18:21 2012

CfP: Conf. Rewriting Techniques and Applications RTA 2013 -- deadline February 1

Deadline: February 1, Conference: June 24-26, Eindhoven NL

Dear all,

instead of copying the complete CfP,
I'd like to specifically address the Haskell community:

There are strong connections between (functional) programming
and rewriting. For example, the execution of a program is a form
of graph rewriting; the type checker rewrites type expressions;
the code generator rewrites the program (for optimization).

The conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications is the major
forum for the exchange of new ideas on all matters related to rewriting,
covering the whole range from foundations to applications.
And you should take the opportunity to contribute your ideas.

Note: If  you = Simon Peyton Jones,  then you are the invited speaker.
Else, follow the usual process of submitting a paper by February 1.

Best regards, on behalf of the RTA programme committee,

Johannes Waldmann.

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