Simon Michael | 28 Dec 23:05 2012

ANN: shelltestrunner 1.3


I'm pleased to announce the release of shelltestrunner 1.3. New in this release:
  * support latest Diff, cmdargs, test-framework; tested with GHC 7.6.1 (Magnus Therning)
  * fix unicode handling on GHC >= 7.2
shelltestrunner tests command-line programs (or arbitrary shell commands.)
It reads simple declarative tests specifying a command, some input, and
the expected output, and can run them run in parallel, selectively, with a
timeout, in color, and/or with differences highlighted. shelltestrunner
has been tested on gnu/linux, mac and windows; projects using it include
hledger, berp, cblrepo and eddie. shelltestrunner is free software
released under GPLv3+.
Install: $ cabal install shelltestrunner


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