Gudmund Grov | 11 Jan 10:07 2013

SCP Special Issue on Invariant Generation - Final Call for Papers [1 month to go]

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Science of Computer Programming
Special Issue on Invariant Generation
-- FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS  [1 month to go] -- 

This special issue is devoted to the 4th international Workshop on
Invariant Generation (WING 2012)

which was held on June 30 2012 in Manchester as a satellite event of
IJCAR 2012. The scope of the workshop is the automation of extracting
and synthesising auxiliary properties of programs, in particular
providing, debugging, and verifying auxiliary invariant annotations.
This should be seen in a broad sense and relevant topics include (but
are not limited to) the following:

* Program analysis and verification
* Inductive assertion generation
* Inductive proofs for reasoning about loops
* Applications to assertion generation using:
- abstract interpretation,
- static analysis,
- model checking,
- theorem proving,
- theory formation,
- algebraic techniques
* Tools for inductive assertion generation and verification
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