Vincent Berthoux | 20 Jan 17:22 2013

[ANNOUNCE] JuicyPixels 3.0

Hello haskellers,

I'm presenting the third version of JuicyPixels. As the version number indicate, this is a major version with backward compatibility break. The major reason behind this breakage is the introduction of High Dynamic Range images. High Dynamic Range images are used in photography, and in some APIs like OpenGL and DirectX for some fancy effects.

Version 3.0 changelog :
 - Simplification of the 'Pixel' typeclass, removed many unused part.
 - Removal of some Storable instances for pixel types.
 - Amelioration of the documentation.
 - Support for High Dynamic range images.
 - Support for the Radiance file format (or RGBE, file extension .pic and .hdr).
 - Dropped the cereal library in favor of the last version of Binary, present in the Haskell platform. Every dependencies are now present in the platform.

As usual, this version is available in Hackage and on GitHub :

 - Hackage :
 - GitHub :


     Vincent Berthoux
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