Fritz Henglein | 5 Feb 05:30 2013

Faculty positions at DIKU, University of Copenhagen

Have you ever felt like building a (novel) supercomputer, putting Haskell (or your own language) on it and make it solve "big" problems?  Maybe you should apply for one of these faculty positions then:

DIKU has 1-2 open faculty positions in computer systems and/or data management, which can be filled at all levels: full professor, associate professor and assistant professor.  

This is part of strengthening DIKU's activities in high-performance computing, "big" data management, and cloud computing.  Candidates
should have first-rate research and teaching credentials commensurate for the level of position they are applying for, with an emphasis on building and evaluating systems.  Subjects include databases, distributed systems, parallel systems (including language design and compilation techniques), computer networks, security and cloud computing.

Applications expressing an interest in bringing principled knowledge from algorithms and programming languages to bear and/or developing
new such knowledge for practical computer systems are highly encouraged.  E.g., novel approaches to security such as language-based security, including DSLs; designing and implementing high-level programming languages for massively parallel architectures; large-scale data management in a cloud environment; etc.  The new faculty will be joining the Algorithms and Programming Languages section of DIKU, which sports a substantial Functional Programming group.

The positions are open from August 1, 2013 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Deadline of application: February 26th, 2013.

See the official announcement for detailed information.


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