Johannes Waldmann | 18 Mar 10:20 2013

2nd CfP: Haskell in Leipzig (Germany) (Deadline: March 31, Workshop: June 21)

Haskell in Leipzig! Now in its 8th year!

Calling for papers, tutorials, performances!

... on Haskell in particular, but also functional programming
in general, and its extension by other paradigms.
We'd love to hear about news of the language, libraries, and tools;
Haskell applications in art and industry; and teaching Haskell.

Presentations should be given in German
but we can switch to English if requested.

Submission until: March 31
Notification    : April 15
Workshop        : June  21

Invited talk by  Christian Höner zu Siederdissen:
"ADPfusion: high-performance dynamic programming in Haskell"

Program comittee:
Ralf Dorn (Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium Berlin), Georg Martius (MPI Leipzig),
Petra Hofstedt (BTU Cottbus), Andres Löh (Well-Typed LLP),
Alf Richter (iba CG Leipzig), Uwe Schmidt (FH Wedel),
Peter Stadler (Univ. Leipzig), Henning Thielemann (Univ. Halle),
Janis Voigtländer (Univ. Bonn), Johannes Waldmann (HTWK Leipzig)

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