Chung-chieh Shan | 2 Apr 21:26 2013

Haskell 2013 call for submissions

                HASKELL SYMPOSIUM 2013
                CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

    Boston, MA, USA, 23-24 September 2013, directly before ICFP
    haskell2013 <at>

The ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Symposium 2013 will be colocated with the 2013
International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) in Boston, MA,
USA.  This year, the symposium will last 2 days rather than 1 as in the
past.  Thanks to broader participation from a growing community, we will
be able to include more regular papers as well as system demonstrations
and a new category of panel discussions, while upholding the scientific
quality of the symposium.

The Haskell Symposium seeks to present original research on Haskell, to
discuss practical experience and future development of the language, as
well as to promote other forms of denotative programming.  Topics of
interest include

* Language Design, with a focus on possible extensions and
  modifications of Haskell as well as critical discussions of the
  status quo;

* Theory, such as formal semantics of the present language or
  future extensions, type systems, effects, metatheory, and
  foundations for program analysis and transformation;
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