Janis Voigtländer | 8 Apr 21:56 2013

Call for Contributions - Haskell Communities and Activities Report, May 2013 edition

Dear all,

I would like to collect contributions for the 24th edition of the

              Haskell Communities & Activities Report


                 Submission deadline: 1 May 2013

      (please send your contributions to hcar at haskell.org,
                  in plain text or LaTeX format)

This is the short story:

* If you are working on any project that is in some way related
   to Haskell, please write a short entry and submit it. Even if
   the project is very small or unfinished or you think it is not
   important enough --- please reconsider and submit an entry anyway!

* If you are interested in an existing project related to Haskell that
   has not previously been mentioned in the HCAR, please tell me, so
   that I can contact the project leaders and ask them to submit an

* Feel free to pass on this call for contributions to others that
   might be interested.

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