Torsten Grust | 9 Apr 18:06 2013

PhD/Postdoc Position at U Tübingen (Germany)

  [ Dear Haskell folks, while the job posting below may sound somewhat
    ``databasey'', our group performs most of its research in the trenches
    between the PL and DB worlds.  Haskell definitely is our research
    vehicle of choice.  Database-Supported Haskell (Hackage: DSH) and our
    work on bringing back monad comprehensions into GHC are testament
    to this, I guess.  Please consider joining us! 

    Cheers, Torsten 

Starting October 2013, the DATABASE SYSTEMS Chair (Prof. Dr. Torsten
Grust) at the Wilhelm-Schickard-Institute for Computer Science of
Universität Tübingen (Germany), has a vacant position for a

                      RESEARCH ASSISTANT.

We encourage both, university graduates and Postdocs, to apply.


Our team currently performs research in the following areas:

 - the interplay of database technology and various aspects of
   functional programming languages,
 - the compilation and optimization of (new) database languages, and
 - database systems for non-relational data (trees, nested lists, ...).

It is a principle of our work to construct systems (see or that make
our ideas tangible and assessable.  The chair's research contributions
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