Brent Yorgey | 18 Apr 03:09 2013

Call for Papers: Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling, and Design (colocated with ICFP)

		      FARM 2013: Call for Papers

  ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design
		      Boston, Massachusetts, USA
	      28th September, 2013 (directly after ICFP)


The functional programming community is largely interested in writing
beautiful programs. This workshop is intended to gather researchers and
practitioners interested in writing beautiful programs that generate
beautiful artifacts. Such artifacts may include visual art, music, 3D
sculptures, animations, GUIs, video games, physical models,
architectural models, choreographies for dance, poetry, and even
physical objects such as VLSI layouts, GPU configurations, or mechanical
engineering designs. The framework used need not be purely functional
(“mostly functional” is fine); may be based on abstractions such as
higher-order functions, monads, arrows, or streams; and may be
manifested as a domain specific language or tool. Theoretical
foundations, language design, implementation issues, and applications
are all within the scope of the workshop.

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