Koen Claessen | 1 May 12:03 2013

2 PhD student and 2 Post-doc positions at Gothenburg University, in Language Technology / Formal Methods

(Please spread this to interested candidates, application deadline is May 13th.)

We warmly welcome applicants with a strong background in functional programming!


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the
University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology
announces 2 PhD positions and 2 post-doc positions within the research

  "Reliable Multilingual Digital Communication: Methods and Applications (REMU)"

funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsr├ądet).

The CSE Department provides a strong, international, and dynamic
research environment with about 70 faculty and 70 PhD students from
about 30 countries. The PhD positions are located jointly in two
research groups: Language Technology and Formal Methods. The PhD
supervisors will be professors from these groups: Aarne Ranta (REMU
principal scientist), Koen Claessen, and Gerardo Schneider.


Link to the PhD student positions:


Link to the post-doc positions:

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