Graham Hutton | 7 May 15:19 2013

Request for input on "Programming in Haskell"

Have you taught a course using Hutton's textbook on
Programming in Haskell?  If so, please read on!

As part of the national assessment of universities in
the UK that takes place every 5-6 years, I'm producing
a case study on the impact of the book on student and
professional training.  The case study will include a
number of quotes from academic and industrial users
who have used the book for teaching purposes.

If you have taught a course using the book any time
from January 2008 onwards, and would be willing to
provide a short quote (2-3 sentences) for the case
study, that would be very much appreciated.  It doesn't
matter if you are no longer teaching the course or are
not currently using the book.  If you are interested,
drop me an email and I'll explain what's involved.

Many thanks,

Graham Hutton

Prof Graham Hutton
Functional Programming Lab
School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham, UK

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