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Formal Methods/Functional programming job position at Intel

Our formal methods team at Intel has a full-time position available that I think would be a good fit for functional programming and formal methods enthusiasts. I'm including the description below. Do not hesitate to contact me if you've any questions, or just want to talk about it in general. To apply for the position, please visit: http://www.intel.com/jobs/jobsearch/index.htm, and in the "advanced search" area enter the job number: 709631.



Job Description 

Formal Methods & Validation Architect - 709631 



If you're interested in products going into future super computer markets then the Intel® Many Integrated Core (Intel® MIC) Hardware Engineering Group is the place for you!  We design and validate silicon chips with many Intel cores integrated inside being used in high performance computing architectures.


In this position you will work as part of the pre-silicon formal methods, tools, and verification team to support a continued high quality of the future Intel many core processor products. You will work together with Intel's formal verification and validation community, the Formal Verification Center of Expertise (FV CoE) in a team of experts in formal methods and AV Validation.


Your specific responsibilities will include defining formal verification (FV) test plans as well as Cluster Test Environment (CTE) based test plans for dynamic simulation validation (DV). The goal is to help optimize a combined use of FV and CTE based validation techniques (DV) and contribute to an increasing use of formal methods at Intel. Based on the test plans you will write properties in formal language, and prove the properties using our model checkers and theorem proving tools. You will also write CTE based test cases and coverage plans. Your area of strength may currently lie within either FV or DV with strong skills rooted in software development. But through your skills and work, you will become an expert in both formal methods and validation technologies. You will interact very closely with design teams, and other validation teams, as well as with Intel's internal R&D groups that continue to improve and develop formal method and verification tools.


You must be able to communicate effectively with various technical groups and coordinate activities amongst those groups.

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