Daniel Santa Cruz | 16 May 02:04 2013

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 267

Welcome to issue 267 of the HWN, an issue covering crowd-sourced bits
of information about Haskell from around the web. This issue covers the
week of April 28 to May 11, 2013.

Quotes of the Week

   * ciaranm: a category is just a category in the category of

   * cmccann: the Either monad is like the Maybe monad, except with
     something instead of Nothing.

   * sclv: Q: Why are the adjunctions of Galois connections backwards?
     A: He never got the hang of duals.

   * acowley: blackdog's experience with IDEs is apparently both more
     sensual and more culinary than mine

   * cmccann: shachaf jokes are what the quotes section of HWN is for.
     cmccann: though lately there have been not as many :[
     shachaf: cmccann: Hey, there wasn't a single shachaf quote in the
     last HWN!
     shachaf: Leave me alone.
     shachaf: There were two cmccann quotes.

   * edwardk: cmccann: i'm NDA'd out of that space for a while ;)
     elliott: edwardk just collects NDAs so that he can focus.

   * trapdInIO: in java everything happens elsewhere

   * edwardk: i never bothered to release the c preprocessor because it
     was entangled with an old compiler of mind

   * acowley: I get nervous when I haven't triggered the impossible for
     more than a month or so :/

   * hpc: be careful, excessive consumption of lenses will go straight
     to your type signature

   * acowley: The longer I leave this function named "jumanji" the less
     I want to find a better name

   * ion: The next step is unsafeCoerce. At that point youâre halfway
     into implementing lens.

   * bos: i'm not sure edwardk is a good model to follow. (a) because
     you won't be able to, and (b) because you won't be able to.

Top Reddit Stories

   * John Carmack interested in doing a moderate-sized project in Haskell
     Domain: twitter.com, Score: 136, Comments: 30
     On Reddit: [1] http://goo.gl/7rJpH
     Original: [2] http://goo.gl/yL9kV

   * John Carmack starting port of Wolf 3D in Haskell
     Domain: twitter.com, Score: 108, Comments: 19
     On Reddit: [3] http://goo.gl/MKkiI
     Original: [4] http://goo.gl/SN7Mp

   * Haskell for all: Program imperatively using Haskell lenses
     Domain: haskellforall.com, Score: 103, Comments: 80
     On Reddit: [5] http://goo.gl/FIfUd
     Original: [6] http://goo.gl/zkEHI

   * unm-hip a Haskell Image Processing Library
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 71, Comments: 18
     On Reddit: [7] http://goo.gl/erMhx
     Original: [8] http://goo.gl/erMhx

   * Crit-bit trees in Haskell: fast, and open to contributors!
     Domain: github.com, Score: 56, Comments: 16
     On Reddit: [9] http://goo.gl/1vQMS
     Original: [10] http://goo.gl/08byj

   * Tutorial on HLearn's Markov networks, monoids, and "type level lenses" explained with Futurama
     Domain: izbicki.me, Score: 53, Comments: 10
     On Reddit: [11] http://goo.gl/3mYuD
     Original: [12] http://goo.gl/4WjnU

   * Cool mailing list archive I stumbled on: Haskell controlling garbage trucks
     Domain: haskell.org, Score: 49, Comments: 2
     On Reddit: [13] http://goo.gl/h8p4y
     Original: [14] http://goo.gl/kSGkx

   * Haskell intuition
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 49, Comments: 23
     On Reddit: [15] http://goo.gl/F04IM
     Original: [16] http://goo.gl/F04IM

   * The Difference between Recursion & Induction
     Domain: blog.ezyang.com, Score: 47, Comments: 3
     On Reddit: [17] http://goo.gl/mZN3T
     Original: [18] http://goo.gl/z2jZx

   * Yesod 1.2 released
     Domain: yesodweb.com, Score: 45, Comments: 8
     On Reddit: [19] http://goo.gl/el7dt
     Original: [20] http://goo.gl/lqBM9

   * Haskell 2014 committee has now been formed
     Domain: thread.gmane.org, Score: 42, Comments: 27
     On Reddit: [21] http://goo.gl/okojc
     Original: [22] http://goo.gl/1g6FG

   * Web Frameworks Benchmark 4 (includes WAI)
     Domain: techempower.com, Score: 41, Comments: 60
     On Reddit: [23] http://goo.gl/FLGJu
     Original: [24] http://goo.gl/AJbhV

   * Haskell for all: pipes-3.3.0: Folds and uniting ListT with Proxy
     Domain: haskellforall.com, Score: 41, Comments: 14
     On Reddit: [25] http://goo.gl/sO1EK
     Original: [26] http://goo.gl/5rZ0u

   * First working program using the Repa plugin
     Domain: disciple-devel.blogspot.com, Score: 39, Comments: 5
     On Reddit: [27] http://goo.gl/bQgfV
     Original: [28] http://goo.gl/9K5Qk

   * How to use Hoogle from GHCi
     Domain: youtube.com, Score: 36, Comments: 2
     On Reddit: [29] http://goo.gl/9V9o7
     Original: [30] http://goo.gl/LU7Zk

   * 4th Episode of "The Pragmatic Haskeller": HTTP and more
     Domain: cakesolutions.net, Score: 35, Comments: 3
     On Reddit: [31] http://goo.gl/rMLyC
     Original: [32] http://goo.gl/npjKm

   * A monadic joke
     Domain: self.haskell, Score: 34, Comments: 28
     On Reddit: [33] http://goo.gl/OmwSp
     Original: [34] http://goo.gl/OmwSp

   * A "Natural" Theorem Prover in Haskell — By Tim Gowers!
     Domain: gowers.wordpress.com, Score: 34, Comments: 5
     On Reddit: [35] http://goo.gl/OomyR
     Original: [36] http://goo.gl/LWNHW

   * Towards a Haskell Logic Library
     Domain: spin.atomicobject.com, Score: 30, Comments: 1
     On Reddit: [37] http://goo.gl/puVS7
     Original: [38] http://goo.gl/7dXA0

   * Barabra Liskov - Keynote: The Power of Abstraction
     Domain: infoq.com, Score: 29, Comments: 25
     On Reddit: [39] http://goo.gl/B7AZJ
     Original: [40] http://goo.gl/SSYSm

Top StackOverflow Questions

   * What constitutes a fold for types other than list?
     votes: 34, answers: 4
     Read on SO: [41] http://goo.gl/AkbgP

   * Lazy vs Strict implementations of data structures
     votes: 19, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [42] http://goo.gl/De1VO

   * Compiling very large constants with GHC
     votes: 17, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [43] http://goo.gl/mWOMz

   * Haskell Tree splitting: Can someone please explain this line?
     votes: 16, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [44] http://goo.gl/ZVaQE

   * Could cabal notice about unused package in dependencies?
     votes: 15, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [45] http://goo.gl/IUOx2

   * How can eta-reduction of a well typed function result in a type error?
     votes: 14, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [46] http://goo.gl/3A4hu

   * What is so special about Monads?
     votes: 14, answers: 4
     Read on SO: [47] http://goo.gl/CF7BC

   * Why does ghci desugar type lists and type families? Can this be selectively disabled?
     votes: 13, answers: 0
     Read on SO: [48] http://goo.gl/QBmM7

   * How are functors in Haskell and OCaml similar?
     votes: 13, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [49] http://goo.gl/rIYKy

   * Monitoring GHC activity
     votes: 10, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [50] http://goo.gl/q7WuU

   * Why isn't the Prelude's words function written more simply?
     votes: 10, answers: 1
     Read on SO: [51] http://goo.gl/W1TqA

   * How to design a monadic stack?
     votes: 10, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [52] http://goo.gl/LAeJI

   * How to generate arbitrary instances of a simple type for quickcheck
     votes: 9, answers: 2
     Read on SO: [53] http://goo.gl/oCesk

Until next time,
+Daniel Santa Cruz


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