Krishna Sunkammurali | 16 May 09:09 2013

Haskell programmer job / cloud content management

Dear Haskellers,

AlephCloud ( is a well-funded and fast-paced Silicon Valley startup just emerging from stealth mode. We intend to change cloud content management to make it secure but still easy to use – and we have the team and world-class leadership to make it happen.


We are seeking passionate software engineers who want to work on cloud content management solutions that meet highest security standards. You will be working closely with cryptographers, architects, product management, and data center operators to design and build server components.

We are looking for experienced engineers with skills in:

·      Functional programing in a strongly typed language such as Haskell

·      Systems programming languages such as C or C++

·      Development in a UNIX environment with open source software

·      Service security and identity management

·      Development of domain specific languages for policy and compliance

·      Cloud services and Cloud databases


What should you know? You have a strong computer science background with knowledge in algorithms, data structures, and distributed systems. You know about complexity and you assess if a solution scales. A background in formal methods, computational logic, cryptography, compilers, database theory, or a related field would be a plus.


Haskell is our main language used on the server side with a few modules written in JavaScript (node.js) and C. You can expect to work on many challenging areas including:


·      High-assurance cloud services for our server side infrastructure

·      Policy engines based on domain specific formal reasoning

·      Implementations of cryptographic ciphers for server side deployment

·      Prototypes and dependable reference implementations as basis for ports to various client side platforms


You have an innovative mindset and a passion for elegant design and quality. You quickly learn new languages, platforms, and frameworks as needed. You come up with novel solutions for hard problems, argue for them in the team, and drive their realization. Due to the nature of data centric security and federated policy scenarios we encounter, common design patterns for cloud services often do not apply to our problems. Therefore we value agility, creativity, curiosity, and dedication more than anything else.


If you picture yourself meeting the above requirements then we definitely like to talk to you. Please send an email with your resume to resume at


AlephCloud Systems ( is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with a branch office at Seattle, WA.  A qualified candidate may work from any location in the world.

Our senior staff engineer Lars Kuhtz, Co-founder and CTO Roy D'Souza and myself will be at Bay Area Haskell Hackthon (May 17th  May 19th). We would be happy to chat with you in detail about this opportunity.

Best Wishes,

Krishna Sunkammurali

[krishna at]

Sr. Director of Engineering

AlephCloud Systems, Inc.


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