publicityifl | 31 May 14:02 2013

Call for Papers IFL 2013

VACANCY : 1x Phd Student in domain specific type error diagnosis for Haskell

The activities of the Software Systems division at Utrecht University include 
research on programming methodologies, compiler construction, and program 
analysis, validation, and verification. For information about the research 
group of Software Technology, see:

Financed by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), we
currently have a job opening for:

 * 1x PhD researcher (Ph D student) Software Technology

Domain-specific languages (DSLs) have the potential both to reduce the effort of 
programming, and to result in programs that are easier to understand and 
maintain. For various good reasons, researchers have proposed to embed DSLs
(then called EDSLs) into a general purpose host language. An important 
disadvantage of such an embedding is that it is very hard to make type error 
diagnosis domain-aware, because inconsistencies are by default explained in 
terms of the host language. We are currently looking for a highly motivated 
Ph D student to investigate this problem in the context of the functional 
language Haskell. 

The basic approach is to scale the concept of specialized type rules as 
developed by (Heeren, Hage and Swierstra, ICFP '03, see link below) for 
Haskell '98 to modern day Haskell with all of its type system extensions. 
The work is both technically challenging, i.e., how do you ensure that 
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