Daan Leijen | 19 Jun 01:54 2013

ML 2013: last call for presentations

There are still a few days left to write a short talk proposal 
for the ML workshop 2013! Since there are no official proceedings, 
this is an ideal venue if you are working on a  full submission 
for some other conference but want to talk about the  work early 
on and get useful community feedback.

Hope to see you there,
-- Daan 

ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML
Sunday, September 22, 2013, Boston MA
(co-located with ICFP)


The ML family of programming languages includes dialects known as
Standard ML, OCaml, and F#.  These languages have inspired a large
amount of computer-science research, both practical and theoretical.
This workshop aims to provide a forum where users, developers and
researchers of ML languages and related technology can interact and
discuss ongoing research, open problems and innovative applications.

The ML workshop has adopted an informal model since 2010. It is a 
workshop with presentations selected from submitted abstracts. There 
are no published proceedings, so any contributions may be submitted 
for publication elsewhere. We hope that this format encourages the 
presentation of exciting (if unpolished) research and deliver a lively 
workshop atmosphere.

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