Brent Yorgey | 4 Jul 04:21 2013

Call for Demo Proposals: Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design

Hi all,

Below is the call for demonstration proposals for FARM 2013.  Please
forward to anyone who might be interested -- apologies if you receive
multiple copies!

Brent Yorgey
publicity chair for FARM 2013

		  FARM 2013: Call for Demo Proposals

  ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design
                      Boston, Massachusetts, USA
              28th September, 2013 (directly after ICFP)


Do you enjoy writing beautiful code to produce beautiful artifacts? Have
something cool to show off at the intersection of functional programming
and visual art, music, sound, modeling, visualization, or design?

FARM 2013 is seeking proposals for 10-20 minute demonstrations to be
given during the workshop. For example, a demonstration could consist of
a short tutorial, an exhibition of some work, or even a livecoding
performance. Slots for demonstrations will be shorter than slots for
accepted papers, and will not be published as part of the formal
proceedings, but can be a great way to show off interesting work and get
feedback from other workshop participants. A demonstration slot could be
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