Duncan Coutts | 11 Jul 19:58 2013

Well-Typed are hiring: Haskell developer

Fellow Haskellers,

We are looking to hire a Haskell expert to work with us at Well-Typed as
a Haskell developer. This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is
passionate about Haskell and who is keen to improve and promote Haskell
in a professional context.

The role is quite general and could cover any of the projects and
activities that we are involved in as a company. The tasks may involve:

      * working on the Haskell compiler, libraries and tools;
      * Haskell application development;
      * working directly with clients to solve their problems;
      * teaching Haskell, and developing training materials.

At the moment, we are particularly hoping to find someone with an
interest in supporting the development and maintenance of GHC.
Therefore, some knowledge or interest in compiler internals, operating
systems, the foreign function interface (FFI), and/or deployment issues
would be welcome.

Well-Typed has a variety of clients. For some we do proprietary Haskell
development and consulting. For others, much of the work involves
open-source development and cooperating with the rest of the Haskell
community: the commercial, open-source and academic users.

Our ideal candidate has excellent knowledge of Haskell, whether from
industry, academia, or personal interest. Familiarity with other
languages, low-level programming, and good software engineering
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