Tim Docker | 29 Aug 13:23 2013

ANN: Chart library v1.0

I'm pleased to announce version 1.0 of the Chart library - a
library for rendering 2D charts in haskell. It supports a variety
of plot types, and several different rendering backends.

Whilst the library has seen sporadic patches and releases in
recent years, development has seen a huge spike over the last
3 months thanks to Jan Bracker's excellent GSOC work.

The key changes in this release are:

* The rendering backend has been abstracted, and there are
   rendering implementations for cairo and the diagrams library.
   The removal of the dependency on cairo should make the chart
   library more useful to haskell developers on windows and
   OSX. Jan Bracker has put a huge effort into this change.

* The library has switched from using data-accessor to lenses to
   provide accessors for the plotting data model. Thanks to Ben
   Gamari for this change.

These, along with various other API changes justify a 1.0 version.

Details of the library and code examples can be found on the
github wiki:


The packages and API documentation are on hackage:

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