CAV 2012 CFP | 4 Sep 19:33 2013

AVICPS 2013: Call for Papers. Submission deadline Sep 23, 2013


                         AVICPS 2013

               The 4th Analytic Virtual
    Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop

          Vancouver, Canada, December 3, 2013.
               (Co-located with RTSS 2013)

       *** Paper Submission: September 23, 2013 ***

                    CALL FOR PAPERS

The Analytic Virtual Integration Cyber-Physical Systems (AVICPS)
workshop focuses on analytic techniques that enable the early
discovery of faults in CPS before the system is integrated or its
parts are built. Such an approach is known as analytic virtual
integration. The objective is to discover and resolve problems early
during the design and implementation phases where cost impact is low.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
* A quantitative and early analysis of end-to-end system
  architecture performance that incorporates realistic hardware
  details (e.g. multi-core, memory architectures, I/O,
  network-on-chip, etc.) and workloads (e.g. video streams,
  weather data, GPS, critical messages, etc.)
* Fault tolerance technologies for handling the combination
  of faults in computing and communication hardware and software
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