Johan Tibell | 4 Sep 23:11 2013

ANN: Cabal v1.18.0 released

Hi all,

On behalf of the cabal maintainers and contributors I'm proud to
announce the Cabal (and cabal-install) 1.18.0 release. To install run

    cabal update && cabal install Cabal-1.18.0 cabal-install-1.18.0

With 854 commits since the last release there are two many
improvements and bug fixes to list them here, but two highlights are:

 * Hermetic builds using sandboxes. This should reduce the number of
"dependency hell" and broken package DB problems.

 * GHCi support. It's now much easier to use ghci when developing your
packages, especially if those packages require preprocessors (e.g.

Here's how working on a package might look like using the new features:

    # Only once:
    cabal sandbox init
    cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-tests
    # Configure, build, and run tests:
    cabal test  # now implies configure and build
    # Play around with the code in GHCi:
    cabal repl

Mikhail wrote a bit more about the user visible changes on his blog:
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