Johannes Waldmann | 14 Oct 21:08 2013

Looking for a Yesod presentation in Leipzig, Germany

Have you applied Yesod recently? ( )

Would you enjoy presenting your Yesod project
to C.S. master's students during a course (Oberseminar)
that I'm teaching at HTWK Leipzig currently?

Then email me with details: a short description of your project,
preferrably including (link to) source code;
and a preferred date (in November or December).

The presentation can be in German or in English.
Total time is 90 minutes, but this should include
(plenty of) discussion, or even live coding.

No, I don't have any funding for this - except you'll get
free beer at our local Haskell group meeting (Stammtisch)
which we can schedule for right after your talk.

- Johannes.  ( )