roconnor | 30 Oct 03:01 2013

ANNOUNCE: lens-family 1.0.0

Before there was lens there was lens-family....

I'm pleased to announce the second major release of 
the lens-family pacakges: lens-family-core-1.0.0 and lens-family-1.0.0.

They can be found at

* <>
* <>

I consider these packages to be kiddie-pool sized lens libraries for those 
people who are, for whatever reason, too intimidated by the lens library. 
I think this is a good way to get one's feet wet with lenses.  The type 
for lenses and traversals are completely compatible with the lens library.

This release brings two major developments to lens-family:

* Support for traversals and folds.

* The names have been all renamed to be mostly compatible with the lexicon 
developed by lens.

With a common lexicon, I hope that users will find it easy to transition 
from lens-family to lens when they outgrow the kiddie pool.

The lens-family-core package is a completely Haskell 98 package for those 
who need the compatibility. The lens-family package is a wrapper around 
lens-family-core that provides a few useful Rank 2 type synonyms to make 
using functional references a little easier.

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