Janis Voigtlaender | 14 Nov 09:33 2013

ANNOUNCE: Haskell Communities and Activities Report (25th ed., November 2013)

On behalf of all the contributors, we are pleased to announce that the

            Haskell Communities and Activities Report
                 (25th edition, November 2013)

is now available, in PDF and HTML formats:


Many thanks go to all the people that contributed to this report,
both directly, by sending in descriptions, and indirectly, by doing
all the interesting things that are reported. We hope you will find
it as interesting a read as we did.

If you have not encountered the Haskell Communities and Activities
Reports before, you may like to know that the first of these reports
was published in November 2001. Their goal is to improve the
communication between the increasingly diverse groups, projects, and
individuals working on, with, or inspired by Haskell. The idea behind
these reports is simple:

   Every six months, a call goes out to all of you enjoying Haskell to
   contribute brief summaries of your own area of work. Many of you
   respond (eagerly, unprompted, and sometimes in time for the actual
   deadline) to the call. The editors collect all the contributions
   into a single report and feed that back to the community.

When we try for the next update, six months from now, you might want
to report on your own work, project, research area or group as well.
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Simon Peyton-Jones | 9 Nov 13:53 2001

RE: ANNOUNCE: Haskell Communities and Activities Report (1st edition)

Thank you Claus!  It makes pretty impressive reading, and 
I think it'll serve a useful role.  Thank you for taking the time
and effort to make it happen.


| The report is available for download in PDF (with working 
| links and index, yet printable) or, for those who have 
| problems with the PDF, in HTML (using John's secret weapon, 
| thanks) and Postscript, from the Haskell Communities home page:

Simon Peyton-Jones | 25 May 18:14 2004

RE: ANNOUNCE: Haskell Communities & Activities Report (6th ed., May2004)

| Just a bit more than half a year after the previous edition, I am
| pleased to announce on behalf of the many contributers that the
|               Haskell Communities and Activities Report
|                       (6th edition, May 2004)

I'd like to say a big thank-you to Arthur for doing this.  The costs
fall mainly on him, but we all get the benefits.   The Haskell
Communities and Activities report is a fantastic gob of glue that helps
to give the Haskell community coherence and focus.  There's always far
more going on than I expect!

Thanks Arthur.   And a massive thank-you to ex-editor Claus too.