steven.krauwer | 2 Nov 18:45 2002

EACL2003 Workshop CfP: 9th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation

[ NB: the message you just received on the same subject
      contained the general CfP rather than the one
      for this workshop -- we apologize! ]

                           Call for Papers

                     (in conjunction with EACL2003)

                          13-14 April 2003
                          Budapest, Hungary


Natural language generation (NLG) is a subfield of natural language 
processing that focuses on the generation of written texts in English
or other human languages, generally from some non-linguistic data or
knowledge. Accomplishing this goal may be envisioned for a number of
different purposes, including standardized and/or multi-lingual 
reports, summaries, machine translation, dialog applications, and 
embedding in multi-media and hypertext environments. Consequently, the
automated production of language is associated with a large number of 
highly diverse tasks whose appropriate orchestration in high quality 
poses a variety of theoretical and practical problems. Relevant issues
include content selection, text organization, the production of 
referring expressions, aggregation, lexicalization, and surface 
realization, as well as coordination with other media.

This workshop is part of a biennial series of workshops about natural
language generation that has been running since 1987. Previous European
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