Simon Peyton-Jones | 4 Nov 15:41 2002

RE: problems with ghc ffi

GHC questions to ghc-users please, not the main Haskell list.


You need the -ffi flag to use the FFI.



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I am having problems with the GHC FFI, I am using GHC version 5.04.1 and am trying to compile the sample code given on the web site_______________________________________module Foo where foreign export ccall foo :: Int -> IO Int foo :: Int -> IO Intfoo n = return (length (f n)) f :: Int -> [Int]f 0 = []f n = n:(f (n-1))_____________________________________when I enterc:/ghc M.hs to compile the code I get the following errorM.hs:5: Type signature given for an expressionI have tried compiling the code using GHC 5.04.1 on windows 98, XP and on Linux any help on would be greatly appreciated._____________________________________________
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