Remi Turk | 9 Mar 03:38 2013

Foreign.StablePtr: nullPtr & double-free questions

Good night everyone,

I have two questions with regards to some details of the
Foreign.StablePtr module. [1]

1) The documentation suggests, but does not explicitly state, that
  castStablePtrToPtr `liftM` newStablePtr x
will never yield a nullPtr. Is this guaranteed to be the case or not?
It would conveniently allow me to store a Maybe "for free", using
nullPtr for Nothing, but I am hesitant about relying on something that
isn't actually guaranteed by the documentation.

2) If I read the documentation correctly, when using StablePtr it is
actually quite difficult to avoid undefined behaviour, at least in
GHC(i). In particular, a double-free on a StablePtr yields undefined
behaviour. However, when called twice on the same value, newStablePtr
yields the same StablePtr in GHC(i).

module Main where

import Foreign

foo x y = do
    p1 <- newStablePtr x
    p2 <- newStablePtr y
    print $ castStablePtrToPtr p1 == castStablePtrToPtr p2
    freeStablePtr p1
    freeStablePtr p2 -- potential double free!

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