David Luposchainsky | 15 Nov 00:03 2013

Proposal: Expand TBQueue API with 'currentSize'

Hey everyone,

Concurrent channels are very opaque right now: all that can be done is
checking they're empty. The upcoming release will, thanks to Merijn,
contain a way of checking whether a TBQueue is full.

However, there may be scenarios where it is desirable to retrieve the
current size of a TBQueue. The reason I mention TBQueue specifically is
because it already contains said information, but does not export
corresponding accessor functions, so the implementation would be fairly

Probably the most compelling use case I can think of is debugging.
Sometimes "full" or "empty" just isn't enough: it may be useful at which
point in time the queue starts being filled disproportionately. (I just
had a case where I could have saved many hours.)

Another one inspired by someone on #haskell a couple of minutes ago is
when a "size moderated" queue is desirable, i.e. one that is usually
somewhat filled but still allows being written to in important cases.
The specific example given was a device sending data through a channel
where the input can be throttled based on how fast the output ends
process the data.

The code would be simply the following:

> lengthTBQueue :: TBQueue a -> STM Int
> lengthTBQueue (TBQueue rsize _read wsize _write) = readTVar rsize

Another possible addition would be retrieving a TBQueue's maximum size.
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