Bart Wiegmans | 2 Apr 19:10 2012

Re: Implementing Bioperl6 for GSoC 2012

Chris, Leon, others,

Thank you for your timely responses. So far as the timeframe is
concerned, I might be able to get student credits for participating in
this projects as it is related to my study. In that case I would have
more time free. At any rate, I understand it is suboptimal to start
working in july, so I will do my best to make as much time free as

I've already checked out the bioper-6 projects as well as the biome
project from github. I am not quite sure what scope of project to
choose and I was hoping for your advice. File format import / export
and database connectivity would come to mind, as these are subjects I
am most familiar with. In such a scenario, aside from a set of modules
/ classes, the end goal would be a script that could search for and
import a sequence from a number of popular databases, and save it on
the users' hard disk. I am very much open to suggestions, however.

Anyway, thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
Bart Wiegmans

2012/4/2 Fields, Christopher J <cjfields <at>>:
> Bart,
> I think this is a good idea, but to address one concern up-front: I believe the time frame (possible start in
mid-July) will not be in your favor unless you can participate according to Google's schedule.  There is
some flexibility at the beginning, mainly during the community bonding period, but beyond that there
isn't much wiggle room; we're as constrained as you are.  The proposals to OBF over the last few years have
been highly competitive, and this year will prove even more so as a large number of major Perl-based FLOSS
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