Barry Moore | 4 Jan 03:33 2006

RE: loading yeast data failing...


You should read the following documents carefully before asking more
questions like this one, this is yet another example that demonstrates
that you ask questions before you try to solve the problem yourself.  Do
you have a copy of Programming Perl sitting next to you on the desk?  If
not you should, and it should be tattered and worn before you hit the
list with basic questions like that.  Now try these documents and the
suggestions below, repent of you ways and good luck.

Now to get you headed on you way for this problem, specifically, what
you want to know about the perl debugger for this issue is:

You can run it like this:

perl -d

You can burrow into your code to the module in question like this:

c Path::To::Your::accessor::process_seq

Once there you can step through code with n or s.

Finally, you can look at varibles (and objects and methods called on
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