Reinout Heeck | 1 Mar 11:19 2006

Re: Two store questions

Steven Kelly wrote:
> If Reinout would really still hit this problem often with only 4-6
> pairs,

I don't know how often this occurs. Personally I've seen this problem once, I 
don't know how often it happens under the radar.

> I think he could be encouraged to look at whether his work 
> process is a contributory factor, not just Store. If every pair is 
> encouraged to edit the same pundle often - to exaggerate, say an
> "AllSoopsStuff" bundle, which everybody is asked to update and publish
> whenever they publish a package - then that bundle will of course be a
> hotspot for locking conflicts. That's bad, even if Store would recognise
> the conflicts.

for some of my views on bundles and our process.

> Version control systems that allow forks are simply not 
> built to implement a single version path, where everyone is constantly
> adding a new version.

We are not simply adding, we rely on the publish dialog to tell us whether a 
merge is necessary: if dotted versions appear I have to merge after the 
publishing to bring my changes into the head version. The bug under 
discussion endangers this process.

> Would the above suggestion help, Reinout? What if we extended it so at
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