BenZ | 25 May 13:44 2006

Re: Problem with Implicit

Hi Ravi,

1/Why do you choose 1mm ? Choose something like 10microns, you will 
gain CPU time.
2/What kind of elements do you use ? I think the problem may be due 
to a configuration of shells+beams that are incompatible... 
Moreprecisely, the use of Sxx5 shells with beams orthogonal to them 
may lead to a problem for the Rz rotation ddl...


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> Hi all,
> After many attempts i have finally given up trying to export the 
> static analysis from Standard to Explicit. 
> Now i am running purely Standard analysis (2D axisymm, in CAE) 
> without any static step. Right now my first step is a Dynamic 
> implicit step. I have a steel rod and on top of the steel rod is a 
> semi-sphere (also steel) which is about 1mm above the steel rod. I 
> have specified the initial velocity as 10m/s and the relevant BCs 
> and contact interactions when the semi-sphere comes into contact 
> with the steel rod. But when i submit the job it always aborts 
> saying 
> "Problems occured during the initial stiffness assembly. The 
> analysis will be terminated. The message is described above"
> But there is nothing mentioned above or in the .dat file and 
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