zoe | 2 Feb 10:49 2009

PHP TestFest 2009

Hi all

I apologise for spamming both lists with this and also having blogged 
first, I intended then all to go at the same time :-). We (Lukas, Scott, 
Pierre and others ) have been talking about this a little on IRC and I 
updated the QA web pages a while ago. We thought it was time to be a bit 
more public. I have appended a copy of my  my blog entry below.

As far as mentors go, I've said 'let me know on the IRC channels if you 
can help' - what I probably meant was watch out because we'll be 
pestering you for help on those channels :-). We'll also be putting up a 
list of things to do on the TestFest wiki 
(http://wiki.php.net/qa/testfest), help with any of them will earn 
undying gratitude and your choice of beverage when I next see you.

*PHP TestFest 2009*

It's time to start getting the 2009 PHP TestFest underway. The TestFest 
is a worldwide event in which PHP user groups and individuals contribute 
to PHP by writing tests for PHP. It's a great way to contribute to one 
of the most successful open source projects there has ever been, it's 
also pretty cool to see your name in the the source distribution for 
code that's running on over 20 million web domains.

So how does it work?

User groups can register by sending a mail to php-qa <at> lists.php.net. In 
the mail we'd like you to pick an date for your event (somewhere between 
April 1st and June 30th), it would be great if you could let us have the 
name and e-mail for the primary contact too. As these arrive on the QA 
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