Carl Friedrich Bolz | 15 Nov 18:33 2005

PyPy sprint announcement: Gothenburg 7th - 11th December 2005

Gothenburg PyPy Sprint II: 7th - 11th December 2005
(NOTE: internal EU-only sprint starts on the 5th!)

The next PyPy sprint is scheduled to be in December 2005 in Gothenborg,
Sweden.  Its main focus is heading towards phase 2, which means JIT
work, alternate threading models and logic programming (but there are
also other possible topics).  We'll give newcomer-friendly
introductions.  To learn more about the new PyPy Python-in-Python
implementation look here:

Goals and topics of the sprint

We have released pypy-0.8.0_, which is officially a "research base" for
future work.  The goal of the Gothenburg sprint is to start exploring
new directions and continue in the directions started at the Paris

The currently scheduled main topics are:

  - The L3 interpreter, a small fast interpreter for "assembler-level"
    flow graphs.  This is heading towards JIT work.

  - Stackless: write an app-level interface, which might be either
    Tasklets, as in "Stackless CPython", or the more limited Greenlets.

  - Porting C modules from CPython.  (_socket is not finished)
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